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Trial Class

Enjoy our Trial class to find out more about Pilates 



Semi-Private (Duo)


Introduction Combo Classes

For those who are new to Pilates or need a refresher. Our instructors will perform a comprehensive postural analysis during your first class before assessing if you're ready to jump straight into group lessons or require a more personalised approach.

3 Private + 3 Group $540

5 Private + 5 Group $850

Private Class 


A 55-minute session with one instructor and one student

Private classes are best suited for those who prefer one-on-one instruction tailored for your body, schedule, and pace. Each class is designed to suit your needs and meet your goals through the mixed use of STOTT PILATES® and GYROTONIC® exercises and studio equipment.

We highly recommended private sessions if you are currently undergoing injury rehabilitation.   

Single Class $150

5 Sessions    $700

10 Sessions  $1,300

20 Sessions  $2,500

Semi-Private (Duo)


A 55- minute session with one instructor and two students

In a Duet Session, or also called Semi-Private Sessions, clients work together with an Instructor. Students will utilise the full range of Pilates equipment with exercises designed to address your specific needs and goals.

Single Class $90/person

5 Sessions    $400/person

10 Sessions  $800/person

Group Reformer Class

All group classes cater to a maximum of 4 participants per session, our classes are small to ensure attention of the instructors to modify or to correct your form while executing the exercises safely.

Single Class $65

5 Sessions    $300

10 Sessions  $500

*Terms & Conditions

  • All packages are valid for 6 months.

  • All packages are transferable, but non-refundable and non-extendable.

  • The Introduction Classs Package is available one-time only for newcomers.

  • Payment in full is due on the day of class or earlier. 

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